College and Career Center

College and Career Center

Vivian Triche
College & Career Specialist
Phone: 407-905-6400 Ext. 612-6426
Email: [email protected]
Olympia High School is committed to ensuring that our students are prepared to pursue fulfilling careers sparked by their passions. We believe that no matter what our students are planning to do after high school, they should be in a position to choose the college and career pathway that will lead to a successful life. 

Below are useful links where you can book appointments, view upcoming college visits and more.

SCOIR College and Career Platform is now open! - All students have access to this tool.  Check your OCPS email for the invitation to register. More information can be found on the College and Career Canvas page.  Contact Ms Triche at [email protected] for information about this platform.  

The College and Career Center can be found on Canvas. For all of the latest information regarding college application process, financial aid, scholarships, college visits and much more will be accessible on the student’s laptops.
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