Reminders bannerDress Code
As we end the 1st quarter, I want to take this time to reiterate and highlight portions of the OCPS Dress code policy.

• Clothing must cover the body from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to approximately mid-thigh. Tops must have straps. Undergarments must not be viewable (this includes male undershirts) . Rips, holes, or tears in clothing must be below mid-thigh.

• Headgear shall not be worn on campus during the school day, unless the headgear is approved by the principal.

• Clothing must not state, imply, or depict hate speech or imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected class.

• Students shall wear a face mask/face covering/face, unless a doctor’s note is provided

College Visits
Seniors, we have college visits happening every week. Seniors should sign up for these visits through their SCOIR account located on launchpad.

FAFSA and Bright Futures 
The FAFSA and Bright Futures portal opened on October 1 for families to complete. All seniors are encouraged to complete these applications as many scholarships require these forms to be considered. See Ms. Johnson Possell, if you need SCOIR- Students, have you checked your SCOIR account lately? Every student has an account and it is found on your Launchpad. Every student should check this account weekly for resources and tools to plan what you want to do after high school assistance.

If your student has a doctor's appointment during school hours, please email Mr. Tello at least 24 hours in advance with documentation of the appointment. A verbal confirmation from the parent/guardian will also be required for the student to leave campus.

Q: What is considered an excused and unexcused absence?

A: An excused absence includes a medical appointment, counseling session, legal appointment, funeral of a family member or close friend or family emergency*. An unexcused absence may include personal reasons, shopping trips or vacation. *Documentation should be sent to the front office attention Lisandra Rivera.

Athletic Game Passes
Athletic Passes for Students, Adults and Families can be purchased for the whole year. For more information please go to the athletics website.

New School Store
We have partnered with Under Armour to bring you UA branded Titan gear! Gear will be available for purchase at the football game tonight and be on the lookout for our pop-up shops!

Health and safety
Any student who is feeling ill, or exhibiting Covid symptoms, should stay home and consult a medical professional. Please do not come to school if you are sick.

Seniors events
To keep up on upcoming senior events, please sign up for the senior newsletter here:

Contact Information
Do you have a new address or phone number? Bus routes are assigned based upon your current contact information so new addresses and phone numbers must be updated in our system. Please contact student services to update your information ASAP.

PTSA Membership
Please join our PTSA. You can go to