2018-19 Student Parking Hanger Application

  1. You must be a Senior or Junior to apply.
  2. All school financial obligations must be paid.
  3. Complete the Parking Hanger Application online at:

  4. Student and Parent/Guardian complete and sign the Consent to Search and Waiver of Liability form. Click here to download this form.
  5. Attach COPIES of the following to this form:
    1. Student’s class E Driver’s License (Learners Permits are not accepted)
    2. Proof of insurance
    3. Vehicle registration
  6. Submit paperwork to Room 11-101 or to Mrs. Sleeter at the front desk.

You will receive an email notification of approval or denial at your OCPS student email address.

 Cost: $75.00 (Hanger $70.42 + $4.58 tax)