Schedule Change

Schedule Change Requests:
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Curriculum guides and registration information are published each spring. Hopefully, this information aids the students in course selection. Students are allowed to make changes in their course selection choices until mid-July. This allows the students ample time to plan the courses that meet their individual needs.

Students in year-long courses must remain in the course for the entire year. Hiring is based on schedule requests from the summer; therefore, students will remain in elective courses they are placed in at the beginning of the year. Students should see their guidance counselors to complete a schedule change form if they need a schedule change (for an approved reason). Parent signatures must accompany the schedule change request, with any documentation supporting the approved reason, and the student must return these to their counselor.

After the mid-July date, there should not be any schedule changes. Of course, any errors will be corrected. Some examples of errors that will be corrected are as follows:

· A course previously passed

· A course out of sequence (i.e., French 3 before French 1)

· A missing requirement for graduation

· Level of classes

· A placement change is needed and directed by a school official (ESE, ESOL, administrative)

A student who is misplaced in an honors course may be considered for a level change between weeks 5 and 10 and after a parent conference.

Some examples of situations that will NOT result in a schedule change are:

· A desire for another instructor (Teacher counts are monitored very closely)

· A desire for a different lunch shift

· Requested the course but do not need the credit

· Requested the course but no longer interested in the subject

· Signed up for credit in night school or Virtual School

· To raise GPA

Students have the opportunity to pass the course if they perform well in the second half of the course. Parents should be encouraged to meet with the individual teacher if a student is having trouble in their course. Teachers should contact parents if a student is in danger of failing their course. If there is no improvement after parent/teacher contact, the teacher or parent may request a meeting with the teacher, counselor, parent and student to address expectations for the class and what must be accomplished for success.