Please visit the media center to check to see if you have obligations that need to be paid. Obligations need to be cleared in order to be eligible to purchase a parking permit and attend prom and graduation.

Remember to bring in a copy of your School Pay receipt to the Media Center so that we can update your account!

Here are direct links to School Pay for many of our sports, clubs, and organizations:

Media Center

  Lost / Damaged Book or Textbooks
  Digital Device / lost or damaged charger: click link below for payment 

  https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Olympia-HS-Media-  Center/MdIj

Replacement Student ID

Other Obligations

Parking Hanger

Band Fair Share

Chorus Fair Share

Orchestra Fair Share

PE Uniforms and Locker Rental

Cheerleading Pride Pack 2020-2021