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The Dual Enrollment Program at Valencia College enables qualified OCPS students an opportunity to participate in an academic acceleration program. Developing educational pathways for the student to get a head start on their college degree, while completing their high school requirements simultaneously.

Valencia Dual Enrollment Website:

Application Seasons: 

  • For Fall admission, application window traditionally opens in February
  • For Spring admission, application window traditionally opens in September
  • Check Valencia's dual enrollment website for this year's application dates


  • 3.0 unweighted cumulative GPA for grades 6 – 11 
  • 3.0 weighted high school cumulative GPA for grade 12
  • Submit eligible college-ready test scores such as the PERT, SAT, or ACT
 Test Score Reading Writing-English  Math - Intermediate Algebra Math - College Algebra
 PERT 106 103 114 123
SAT 24 25 24 26.5
ACT 19 17 19 21


Valencia Dual Enrollment Approved Course List:  

Interested?   Reach out to your counselor!

Please remember:  It is great to take challenging college courses! The grade you receive in your college-level classes will go on both your high school and college transcripts and will impact your high school and college GPAs. You should take our courses seriously and understand that they require your time and attention. Similarly, if you are successful in our rigorous college-level courses it will positively impact your GPA and student resume.