2020-21 Student Parking Hanger Application 




Parking Hanger Application


Applications are limited to Seniors and Juniors at this time.

All school financial obligations must be paid. If you’re unsure, check with the Media Center.


  1. Student and Parent/Guardian read and sign the Consent to Search and Waiver of Liability form (below).
  2. Complete the Parking Hanger application online.
  3. You must attach copies of the following to the online application:
    1. Signed Consent to Search and Waiver of Liability
    2. Student’s class E Driver’s License (Learner Permits are not accepted)
    3. Proof of current insurance (verify it is not expired)
    4. Vehicle registration (verify it is not expired)


    Once the online portion is completed and documents are attached your application is complete.

    You will receive an email notification of approval or denial at your OCPS student email address. If you’ve been approved, a link for School Pay Online will be sent as well. Payment must be made prior to receiving your parking hanger. Be prepared to show proof of payment (payment email from SPO) upon receipt of hanger.

    PICK UP DATES/TIMES: Seniors 8/5, Juniors 8/6 -9:00 AM-12:00 PM-YOU MUST WEAR A MASK

    Cost: $75.00 (Hanger $70.42 + $4.58 tax)



    Consent to Search and Waiver Liability

    I hereby waive any expectation of privacy in ANY VEHICLE (and its contents) that I drive or park on an OCSB/OHS campus. I give consent and authorize OCSB/OHS to inspect/search my parked vehicle and its contents. This includes the use of drug and gunpowder sniffing K-9 dogs. I agree that OCSB/OHS authorities are hereby released and held harmless from all liability, claims, or damages, connected in any way with the search of the vehicle while on an OCBS/OHS campus or the removal of a vehicle as provided herein.

    STUDENT SIGNATURE _____________________________________      Date ____________________________


    Parking Policy

    Students are required to:

  1. Park ONLY the registered vehicle in the designated parking space. Display the parking permit from the rearview mirror.
  2. Notify the administrator in charge of parking if the parking permit is lost or stolen.
  3. Drive with care and observe all traffic laws. Students that drive in a manner that endangers themselves or others when entering, leaving or while on school grounds will receive disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges.
  4. Maintain updated address, phone number, vehicle registration, and insurance on file at Olympia High School. Any changes to information on the application must be reported to parking office within 5 school days; i.e., change of vehicle, insurance or registration.


Students shall not:

  1. Play loud music while on school property.
  2. Occupy parked vehicles during classes, between classes, before or after school or during lunch hours.
  3. No student shall loiter in or around parking areas.
  4. Use an unauthorized permit, use a permit registered to another student, or give (resell) a parking permit to another student. If a student is in possession of a parking permit not assigned to them, the parking permit will be removed permanently from both students. Students may lose all privileges of parking at Olympia High School for up to one calendar year.

In addition:

  • Excessive absences, unauthorized absence or other disciplinary actions may also result in the loss of a student’s parking permit for the remainder of the school year.
  • Any level 4 violation of the Student Code of Conduct may result in suspension or loss of parking privileges.
  • No refunds are given if a parking permit is revoked.


Failure to comply with any requirement set forth in this application, Orange County Student Code of Conduct, Olympia High School Student Handbook or any mandates set forth by the principal may result in parking privileges being revoked, suspended and/or the vehicle being booted/removed from the school’s campus at the owner’s expense. Additional disciplinary action may be given.


Olympia’s administrative staff reserves the right to amend the parking policy at any time without prior notification in order to maintain a safe and secure parking area.



By signing this form, I agree to adhere to the above policies. I also understand that failure to comply with these policies may result in the loss of my parking privileges.


STUDENT NAME: ______________________________________________________


STUDENT SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________    DATE: __________________________


PARENT NAME: ____________________________________________________  


PARENT SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________   DATE: __________________________