Mission Statement

The purpose of the Olympia High School Media Center is:

  • To function as the information center of the school.
  • To provide intellectual access to information through learning activities that are curriculum related.
  • To provide physical access to information through a carefully selected and systematically organized collection.
  • To support intellectual freedom and access to information.
  • To support the use of technology in the process of learning and sharing ideas and knowledge.



Media Center Hours:

Monday          7:00am – 3:00pm

Tuesday          7:00am – 3:00pm

Wednesday    7:00am – 2:00pm

Thursday        7:00am – 3:00pm

Friday             7:00am – 3:00pm


Hours may be adjusted to accommodate Media Center/Staff commitments. We will POST changes on the door of the Media Center.


Students may utilize the Media Center before and after school without a pass. Individual passes to the Media Center must be written on a blue pass by the classroom teacher. Passes will not be accepted from substitute teachers.

Loans & Circulation


Library materials are loaned for a period of two week, though it can be more or less depending on its type. Students will be given a due date when materials are checked out. Books can be renewed. An Olympia High School ID card is required to check out library materials. Media obligation notices are sent once a month by email to the email addresses on record.


The process for new students to receive a laptop may take 48 hours upon enrollment. Information about LaunchEd can be located on the OCPS website.


There are no fines charger for overdue books. Any Media Obligations will be sent to Administration. Receipts must be shown for any refund.


Student replacement ID's are made in the Media Center for $5.00, before and after school.


Students may utilize the Media Center during their lunch period if they obtain a Library Lunch Pass before the end of 4th period. A Library Lunch Pass can be requested at the Circulation Desk of the Media Center. Once lunch starts, no more Library Lunch Passes will be distributed. There is no eating or drinking in the Media Center and any student found not following the rules of the Media Center will lose their Library Lunch Pass privileges. Student(s) choosing to use Media Center during lunch, must stay in the Media Center for the whole lunch period. Administration requires students to remain in the Cafeteria or Media Center during the lunch period for safety purposes.

Copy Machine

Copies are available for $.10 per page b&w/$.25 per page color, and the machine is located in the foyer of the Media Center.

General Information

• All bibliographies should be formatted according to MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines, 8th edition. Sample MLA citations are available in PDF format through the Olympia High School Media Center link.

• All files should be saved to the student's Google Drive.

• OCPS provides a Google email account to students: studentnumber@students.ocps.net


Students are able to print by emailing the materials needed to the Media Center Staff. Materials can be sent to:


Cost to print:

Black and White


Questions may be emailed to our Media Specialist.