APEX Academy

The Advanced Placement Experience Scholars Academy (APEX) is a rigorous, comprehensive four-year curriculum. APEX is offered to a select group of academically talented and gifted students.

The Academy requires students to take a core of designated courses each of their four years in high school. This requirement includes at least six Advanced Placement courses and six Advanced Placement exams. Required APEX courses are designed to help students reach their academic goals, facilitate interdisciplinary learning and to encourage a cohort approach. With these requirements, students are still able to exercise considerable freedom to emphasize course work of their own choosing.

Students are selected at the end of the eighth grade. Selection is based on a student application, teacher recommendation, and standardized testing.

Application Process:

Students are selected at the end of eighth grade. Selection is based upon the following criteria:  Student application   Teacher recommendations  Standardized test scores  Grade point average (3.5 unweighted minimum)  Behavior and attendance will also be considered Program Requirements Freshman Year APEX Biology Honors APEX English 1 Honors APEX AP Human Geography Sophomore Year APEX English 2 Honors APEX AP World History APEX Chemistry Honors Junior/Senior Years Combined      1 AP English Language/Literature1 AP Science 1 AP Mathematics 1 AP Social Studies 2 AP Electives Requirements to remain in good standing  Enroll in all appropriate APEX/AP courses for each grade level  Maintain a 3.0 unweighted GPA  Uphold the APEX Honor Code
Contact Information
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APEX School Counselor August Perrotti, Jr.  [email protected]