Visual Arts

                          Olympia High School Visual Arts Department

Olympia High School students have the opportunity to build their artistic talents with over twenty Visual Arts Courses offered in Advanced Placement Studio Art & Design, Art History, Art2D Design, Art 3D Design, Ceramics, CTE Digital Media, and Drawing.
Sponsored Visual Art Clubs are National Art Honor Society, Potters Guild and Shutter Society. We invite you to enjoy Titan artwork in the community, competitions, exhibitions and special events.

2022- 2023- Student Exhibitions Events Calendar:

▪ September 19-25 2022- Global Film Peace Exhibit
▪  Peace to Action- TBA Exhibit
▪ September/October 2022- Hispanic Heritage Student Exhibit RBELC
▪ September 15 – October 16, 2022 OCPS Art Teacher Exhibit City Arts Gallery
▪ October 2022 American Love Project – 29 Pieces Virtual Gallery
▪ October 13-16 2022 FAEA Student Art Exhibit – Caribe Royal Hotel
▪ November 11-13 2022 Maitland Rotary Student Exhibit Lake Lily
▪ December 2022 Olympia High School Spotlight - OCPS RBELC
▪ January 2023- OCPS AP Studio Art Exhibit - OCPS RBELC
▪ January 2023 - PTSA Reflections Exhibit
▪ January – June 2023 Orlando Museum of Art
▪ February 2023 Scholastics Art and Writing
▪ February 2023 Black History RBELC & Olympia HS Auditorium
▪ March 2023 Youth Art Month - OCPS RBELC and Olympia HS Display
▪ March 2023 Student Art Exhibit - Central Florida Fair
▪ March 17- 19 2023 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
▪ April/May 2023 Olympia Visual Arts Student Exhibit
▪ June 2023 Dali Museum Student Surrealist Art Exhibit, St Petersburg, FL

*Event dates are subject to change Contact: [email protected]
Visual Arts Department Faculty

[email protected] -Visual Arts Department Head & PLC Leadership Facilitator
AP Studio Art –Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design & National Art Honor Society Sponsor

[email protected] Art 2D Design - Level I, II & Honors

[email protected] Ceramics, AP Art 3D Design, Potters Guild Club Sponsor

[email protected] - Shutter Society Sponsor