Gifted Services

Sharon Whalen
MTSS & Gifted Studies Coordinator
 [email protected]
407-905-6400 Extension 612.6450
  • Sharon Whalen is the Gifted Services Coordinator at Olympia High School. Gifted Education often looks different in high school than it does in elementary or middle school. A gifted student will continue to be monitored not only academically but socially and emotionally.
  • Sharon Whalen will be checking Skyward to see academic performance. There will be a monthly meeting with teachers to get their feedback on how a student is doing individually. Ms. Whalen is here to support gifted students and help them have a successful school year. If a student is struggling, Ms. Whalen will schedule meeting times where she will work with the student to develop a plan to address the issue(s).
  • Please visit the OCPS Gifted Education website for more information.